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Small Business Bankruptcy Archives

How much business debt is too much?

Debt can serve some very important purposes for businesses. For many companies, it can be a critical source of financing for getting off of the ground or growing. In a 2017 survey, around 77 percent of polled small business executives pointed to money from financial institutions as being important for small business success.

Can you keep your business if you file bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy can be an extremely difficult time for businesses. Will the business be able to stay open? Will employees be laid off? These questions can be overwhelming and depend on which type of bankruptcy a business chooses.

Financing missteps can lead to debt problems for startups

It is very common for entrepreneurs here in California to turn to financing to help with the costs of getting a startup up and running. What decisions startup owners make regarding financing can have long-term implications for their company.

Can a Kenmore sale save Sears?

Here's one way to unload unmanageable debt and try to build for the future - sell a division that's still attractive to buyers, yet could cause problems down the road. Sears Holdings Corp. CEO Eddie Lampert has put the retailer's notable appliance brand Kenmore up for sale.

Using credit cards to launch a start-up is risky business

Maybe you’ve heard about a successful entrepreneur who launched his or her company using their own credit cards. Occasionally, an independent movie that was produced on the filmmaker’s credit cards is critically acclaimed and gets widespread play.

Four factors alternative lenders consider

A small business loan can be the difference between keeping the doors open and having to shut down. If you are unable to secure a loan from a bank, a number of alternative lenders have emerged in recent years. These lenders help many businesses when banks will not.

Think twice before signing on for a merchant cash advance

Your small business is going through a difficult time. You may have creditors pressuring you for payments, or you are struggling with inventory problems, or you may owe back taxes. Perhaps you are feeling the pain of all three.

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