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June 2018 Archives

What Business Owners Don't Know About Overtime Laws Can Hurt Them

Entrepreneurs may be oblivious to how long their work day is, but they can’t be as dismissive of their workers’ hours. Here are four important laws regarding overtime in California that every business owner – and their managers – should know.

Managing healthcare during bankruptcy

One of the most complex assignments for an entrepreneur is providing healthcare to their employees. Most small to mid-sized business owners do not have a legal background, and the laws in healthcare and labor are continually changing and getting more complicated.

Is 'Creditors' Rights' an Oxymoron?

As a creditor, you do have rights, beginning with the right to challenge a debtor's right to discharge your debt. If the debtor is declaring Chapter 11, 12 or 13, you have a right to be heard in court regarding the debtor's liquidation and restructuring plan. And you may share in the distribution from the bankruptcy estate.

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