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May 2018 Archives

There’s Life After Bankruptcy for Small Businesses

Every entrepreneur launches a business with confidence it will succeed. Unfortunately, not all do. The Small Business Association (SBA) reports that three out of 10 small businesses fail within the first two years; half fail within the first five years and more than 6 in 10 (66 percent) fail within 10 years of opening.

Bolster Your Company’s Credit Score

Strong credit is important to businesses just as it is personal finance – maybe even more so. Banks put an emphasis on the creditworthiness of companies when making decisions about small business loans. If your company’s credit score is not as strong as you would like, there are ways to improve it in short order.

How scaling missteps can impact your business

Your start-up idea immediately caught on with investors, and initial sales are starting to go through the roof. Congratulations are in order right? Of course! However, you need to keep up with your exponential success by paying attention to scaling your business.

Consolidation in the solar industry continues leaving few players

In the roller coaster of the solar business, ups and downs are the norm. But over the past two years several well-known solar installers and manufacturers went bankrupt, exited the industry or consolidated with other companies. The trend in consolidation left few non-bankrupt solar companies remaining.

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